Interactive video installation
In Control, Künstlerhaus Graz 1993


1. A video camera is placed in the Künstlerhaus in such a way that interesting parts or
objects of the exhibition can be filmed.

2. In the nearby neighbourhood (at traffic lights for pedestrians) and at the main square
there are monitors which show what is going on inside the Künstlerhaus.

3. The monitors operate based on 'movement'. On the street it is written  "You are entering
art here". As soon as someone happens to enter this area, the screen starts broadcasting.

4. Next to the monitor on the traffic lights there is an additional camera which films the situation - the stepping on art - which is shown  in the Künstlerhaus.

IN CONTROL : Who watches who for which purpose by which means ?
The anonymous eye of the camera watches the pedestrian on the streets. The pedestrian triggers the broadcasting on the monitor on the traffic lights and in this way becomes the controlling organ for a part  of the exhibition in the Künstlerhaus. At the same time that
s/he is filmed  s/he can become a controlled object by a visitor of the exhibition when this passing by visitor triggers the broadcast on the monitor inside the Künstlerhaus which
shows the situation - the stepping on art- at the traffic lights.

COMMUNICATION : In the history of modern art we find a long tradition of artists who not
only portrait, but who use "reality" itself e.g. ready mades as a medium of communication. Even if these objects of daily life are not changed, the very fact that they are in a museum,
in a gallery changes their meaning entirely. The project "You are entering art here" is an
effort to reverse the procedure. Art is being broadcast where you would least expect it.
The media used are real "ready mades".

YOU ARE ENTERING ART HERE : Any place can be art. Can any place be art? As soon as
I make use of it as such. Any child painting hop scotch on the pavement, any person who
sets a sign.